Production Update 3

I know it’s technically Tuesday morning at the time I am posting today, but here is last weeks production update. First off, all of the characters for the first episode are finalized and will continue to be released on Thursdays until all of them are released.

The second item of business this past week was to get caught up on some inking and coloring. I started inking some loose images/ background art. I also completed coloring one scene, it still needs to be shaded but the base colors are in place.

As stated from the last update, I started working on another scene in terms of straight up drawing. I am hoping to finish this scene for next week even thought it is a smaller scene.

On a side note, production on the other “secret” things are going well. I am hoping to announce one of them at the end of the month before I depart to Japan, but no promises. Have a great start to the week and make sure to stop by again on Thursday for a new unveiling!

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