Production Update 25

First off, I apologize for skipping the Thursday post, I have family in town and we finally had a chance to celebrate Christmas and open gifts since some members had to work over the holidays. Anyways, this week I was able to complete all the inking and coloring for the final scene of episode 1. The only remaining thing to do with those drawings is to add shading and highlights. Things are going well on the project as the new year is under way.

I have been watching a few modeling and scene tutorials for Cinema 4D as well. I have modeled and such in C4D before but I don’t have a ton of experience in setting up 3D scenes and that is what I am researching and working on now. Part of the appeal of this ¬†project is it allows me to journey into other areas that I might not have had the chance to get into and I very much look forward to that.

I have some freelance work coming in this week but I look forward to getting some shading and such done on some of the artwork. I also hope to start modeling the next shot in the trailer as well. I will be back Thursday with a new recent viewing!


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