Production Update 27

My freelance work this week got pushed back a week, so I had some free time to work on some personal projects in between wrapping up some loose ends. I got a lot of work in on a side project, I am continuing to push closer into getting that project wrapped up. I have two more bigger hurdles left and we should be good to go.

Now onto the Cosmic Rage front. Over the past week I made it my goal to complete a page of shading and highlighting each day and if you follow the facebook page I posted that challenge throughout the week. Well, I can happily report that all of the artwork for Cosmic Rage episode 1 is completed. Granted there may be some work that springs up during the animation process, scenes needing to be redrawn or something but per storyboard the work is all done.

Up next is continued work on the trailer. With the week developing the way it did, I decided to clamp down and finish up the artwork and then jump to the trailer this week in between freelance projects. With some of my freelance work requiring me to travel, there will also be progress made on drawings for episode 2. When traveling I mostly just operate on my laptop, which is fine for getting some work done, but when working in multiple programs and such, working without 2 monitors can be sometimes problematic. So in order to stay productive, I will continue to push forward on episode 2 as well.

Moving forward, I hope to mix up the Thursday posts a little bit more as well. Recently I have been doing some reviews of some anime that I have been watching. While I hope to continue this, I also want to share some of the behind the scenes work on the project as well. Behind the scenes and production content was always some of my favorite extras on DVDs and such, I want to provide some of that as well. Thursday will have an interesting entry about Penguindrum so look forward to that later this week!

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