Production Update 28

I had a full week of freelance work as well as some traveling for work and working on a few other freelance loose ends and computer upgrades. To be honest I didn’t get a whole lot done this week. With my traveling I didn’t have my second monitor or a desk to really work at so I didn’t do much on the trailer besides a small compositing test.

I was able to get a couple drawings completed from Episode 2. I find that I am able to get more drawing done when I travel for my work because I am more flexible with my drawing environment and don’t require dual monitors or a desk. I actually prefer drawing on the floor.

This week I took my laptop in a couple times to get upgrades as well. The first time I dropped it off, they didn’t have the RAM I was going to have put in so I basically lost a few hours Tuesday night. I did get the RAM put in on Friday night.

I also rendered out the previous work I had done to see where I stood on that. This week I should have a little bit more time to get back on top of the trailer and work on some other aspects as well. Thursday will bring another recent viewing, stay tuned!

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