Production Update 42

A few weeks ago I was hoping that Update 42 was going to be the closing update on the prologue and it was going to be done, but its not. This week I hardly touched anything, I have been living on my computer working on a few freelance projects so Cosmic Rage hardly got touched. I did get an extended track for the prologue and I did get it dropped in one night. It’s coming together well, a few slight refinements and the audio should be locked in. I have some other projects going on next week that I should be able to close out and maybe get some time back in on Cosmic Rage.

Outside of that I have been showing some of my friends the prologue and getting some of their creative feedback and such. I am getting some good feedback and I am really excited for when the prologue gets finished up. Hopefully we can get back to it this week and also looking forward to working with my great clients on finishing up some projects as well!

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