Production Update 45

Production update time is here once again, as always, my favorite thing about Monday’s is writing these. Even on weeks where much doesn’t get done. This week was a little bit of a mixed bag. The week started of well, I finished up another drawing for the prologue and by my calculations, there is one last one remaining. However, I am traveling and I don’t have my scanner or tablet along to ink/color/shade the work. I also haven’t received a new updated audio track. As much as I wish Cosmic Rage was my full time job and some of my team could work on it full time as well, that isn’t the case and it is important to be patient.

The middle of the week was pretty heavy with client work and revisions, and I have always lived by the notion of my client work before my own. I wrapped up 2 projects and was very close to wrapping up a 3rd. I had a great time working on these projects, I love making things move and adding life to them. Reading emails and hearing about how excited clients are when they receive a final is very rewarding.

At the end of the week, I started having really bad migraines. Once or twice every year I get a bad week or so of migraines, probably from computer and contacts. So I have been rocking my glasses for the last few days and giving my eyes a break. It’s part of the reason I work so hard, no one can be sure when their body can’t do certain things any more and if the day comes where I cant work on a computer for a full time career choice, I want to know I made the best projects I could for my clients.

Enough with the sentimental stuff though, I started working on episode 1 again and have a new shot designed. I am hoping to get it animated in the next couple days and get it rendering and start on the next batch. Also looking forward to going to A-kon at the end of the week as well 🙂 Stay Tuned for more updates!

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