Minor Update

I have been pretty busy the last few days, but wanted to give a quick update on things. I have been working on my SGMS presentation in Keynote and getting it prepped for the SGMS conference this weekend. I am really excited for the panel and to present on Studio Madhouse 🙂 So next week I will be recapping the SGMS conference and sharing my experiences with you all.

Most importantly, the prologue will be launched in a few days. 🙂 Be sure to come and check it out on the 30th!

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About Chris Biewer

I am a motion graphics artist working in the sports industry. My goal is to enhance the game day experience for fans through my motion graphics work on LED displays through out arena's and also through promos done for the web. I believe that this medium has a lot of untapped potential and it is my duty as an artist to push the limits and to enhance the memories of the fans!

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