Production Update 65

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I made some solid progress on some freelance work and even got to work on Cosmic Rage. While I didn’t get a lot of work done, I did get a solid afternoon in, which involved texturing the environment for the main location in episode 1. I did find a couple small modeling tweaks I need to make, but nothing major at all. I think in another afternoon I should be able to have everything textured and ready to go. I am hoping some night early this week I can get to it, but no promises.

I know I mentioned the possibility of some artwork up this week as well, however I have a 3D render going right now and don’t want to render out a frame for that and stop the process.

Again, I really appreciate you all being so understanding as the seemingly lack of progress being made recently, but I assure you in the coming weeks things will pick up and we will have bigger updates and more artwork to see. Thanks again!

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