Production Update 97

Back on schedule with an on time Production Update for the week. I felt I had a really productive week, in the office and outside of the office. The vacation really has recharged my creative batteries.

I got new audio tracks to lay in for a couple of scenes and some edits have been sent in. I also wrapped up my pin up poster for Zeth for my artist alley appearance this fall. I think the next character poster I am going to tackle is Fenix. I have gathered reference materials for more of the pin ups this weekend.

I have some compositing to do on the third exterior shot, but the rendering is complete. I also started working on the next shots in the fight scene, I have some compositing to do for the shot I am working on as well. I am hoping to wrap up both of those shots tomorrow night after work.

This past week, I also spent some time in my garden since it was a nice week to be outside and it hasn’t been nearly as rainy as it has been. I also started some new online courses as well. This time I am going to be working more on my 3D modeling skills, which I am very excited for and has been something I have wanted to do for a while now. I even have a new date for out local animation group determined and have been lining up presenters for that. It’s been a great week and looking forward to working on some more fight scenes and getting them wrapped up!

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