Production Update 106

The final week before AnimeFargo is finally here, crunch time. This morning I dropped off my artist alley files to get printed, I am very excited to see them turn out after 2 rounds of test prints and final tweaks. I need to pick up a few other things for the table and then I am all set!

I have a few final edits to make to my presentations as well, something that I will easily get wrapped up this week. I have 3 panels for the event; History of CGI in Japanese Anime, a Q/A panel on storytelling and a presentation on anime as a storytelling medium. I am very excited to share these ideas with everyone and to help them in their projects as much as I can.

I also wrapped up my freelance project too. I am hoping after AnimeFargo I will be freed up to go all out on Cosmic Rage again. September has been an exciting month of preparations for my first artist alley and while I haven’t had a lot of work on Cosmic Rage to show for it, it isn’t without reason. AnimeFargo will be the debut of Cosmic Rage and for an important reason, testing the audience.

Right now, the plan for Cosmic Rage has been as a cross between e-book and animated hybrid. Seeing how the attendees of AnimeFargo react, it could alter the format of the project, which is why I didn’t work too far ahead this month, I was at a good stopping point that I felt was good to test and get feedback.

Check back next week for some exciting news and a con recap!

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