Production Update 111 Scene Complete!

This week the goal was to finish up the current scene I have been working on. It is comprised of twelve shots and as of tonight, has been sent off to get audio work done. That’s right, I finished up the shot like I intended to and it is sent off.

I learned a lot working on this scene in particular. It had some unexpected challenges, but I enjoyed every bit of it. All of these things I will have in mind for episode 2 and when I start preparing items for that. Just like lots of shows on TV, there will be an increase in production value as the series goes on.

This week I want to start getting some 3D animations set up for the next scene so I can render them over night and over next weekend. I do have an all-weekend event next week, I am participating in a local Start-Up weekend where people go to work on ideas and projects for a potential start up business or product.

As for the next scene, it is 4 shots, which I aim to have done sometime in November yet before the holiday so I can get started on the following.

Overall, a solid and productive week! 🙂

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