Production Update 113

It’s been almost a month since the last production update, I can’t believe it! Here is how things have been going. When we last left off I was taking my sample e-book to a local artist critique. I ran it by some of the artists in attendance, and they liked what I had completed so far. One of the biggest concerns from the group was the combination of 2D and 3D art, which they said was only when I was describing it at a previous critique. After seeing it, they felt it worked well and that the two mediums weren’t too far off from one another to make it a distraction.

If you remember, I also sent off a scene to get audio work done and I was working on two short scenes as well. I have received the first scene back with audio and have sent it back for minor edits. The other two scenes have also been sent in for audio work.

With those three scenes in for audio work, I have started on another scene that consists of  three shots. I was able to get the 3D assets rendered out partly over the Thanksgiving break and also this week and will be compositing the shots this week. It has been a very busy month but pretty productive.

As promised, here is another piece of production art.


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