Pokemon GO Update #2

Pokemon GO has now been out for two months. There has been a lot of changes in the past couple months, we have seen a drop in users, the buddy system recently added and nest changes as well!

This past month has been pretty crazy and really eventful so the game has been a nice break from everything going on. I have been hanging out with friends and we have had some great conversations and even got some thoughts on my Youtube channel and some thing that I want to do in the future with Cosmic Rage. The game has been great to get out and talk creatively with some people and gather their thoughts and hear another perspective. More on this coming after the move!

gyarados gyms-held rhydon buddy-system tentacruel

My pokedex is currently at 108. Here are a few of my more notable catches and evolutions over the last month. I finally captured enough Magikarps to evolve into my Gyarados. I also hatched another Rhyhorn so I finally could get my Rhydon as well. I have a lot of mid-tier Pokemon that I need a few more candies to evolve and some that I am holding out for a higher appraised Pokemon to evolve.

For the buddy system, I am rolling out with Charmander. I haven’t caught one and I think I have only hatched 2, so I need to start farming candies for him so I can get to Charizard!

It is pretty surprising how the gyms scene is playing out around here. There are definitely starting to be areas that are forming and of course the contested areas that are always under siege. I did have my best day collecting coins on the game front last weekend where I was able to claim 8 in a morning gym run.

Overall I am now at level 27 and counting!