Production Update 26

Production Update time is here once again. This last week I had some freelance work and meetings. The freelance work was utilizing Cinema 4D so I didn’t have the chance to start building a new 3D scene yet for the trailer.

I did get the chance to start working on some shading and highlighting work. I got through the first page which was 9 images. I have 6 more pages to go until this process is completed and all of the artwork for episode 1 is complete.

I also had the opportunity to work on finishing up some artwork for another one of my projects. I am not sure how much some of the finishing items and such will take, but I will share more on this project once it is completed.

On schedule for this week will be shading and highlighting more work and also some hopeful 3D work on the trailer. Thursday will be a new recent viewing entry as well.