Introducing Mark Harju

Mark Harju headshot

Where are you from?
Just like Sami- my character- I’m from Chicago born and raised.
Why do you want to be a voice actor?
I like to do creative work with people.  I have been recording as a musician for the better side of two decades, so I am comfortable behind the microphone and love audio- and I really enjoy the process of taking an idea and bringing it to life.  Voice acting, like music, allows me to do that.  Also, sometimes it buys me a bottle of whiskey or two.
Who is your favorite VO actor? 
If we are talking famous actors who narrate, Morgan Freeman and also Kevin Spacey.  Morgan Freeman has a special ability to make every word sound undeniably genuine, and Kevin Spacey- he is simply a man who has a total command of how to use a voice (honestly, check out his impressions sometime).
But my favorite VO actor outright, without a doubt, the legendary Don LaFontaine.
Who is your favorite anime/game/cartoon character?
Without thinking too hard about it, Jubei Kibagami (Ninja Scroll)/Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)/Pickles The Drummer (Metalocalypse).
If you could voice any character, who would it be and why?
This one is easy: The Lion from the 1994 Cadbury Creme Eggs commercial.
What drew you to audition for Cosmic Rage? 
I am always interested in participating in creative narratives.  Even more so when they are original writings.  And especially when they are fun and action-packed.  I was really happy to be casted for Cosmic Rage.
Where can fans follow you at or find more of your work?  
You can find me wherever raspy voices are needed.  Recently I did some political VO work ( it was just a paycheck, I’m not a fan of politics.  I work for as a voice actor. and you can find me doing VO projects at (member: Rabbi8meat).
Other than that,
You can hear my music on my Soundcloud:
You can see my face on my Youtube: