Recent Viewing: A Good Day to Die Hard

Action movies have a special place in my movie realm, after all, I grew up on action movies as a kid. When we would go visit family we would watch whatever action movie my uncle had on tape, which mostly was made up of a collection of Lethal Weapons and Die Hards. I recently watched all of those films in the last month or so while I was working on Cosmic Rage. Of course every time I finish watching a franchise like that I have to go online and see when the next in the franchise is going to be released. For instance, rumors online are that Lethal Weapon will be rebooted in the coming years. However, I haven’t seen the latest film in the Die Hard franchise so I decided to remedy that.

The film has the premise of John McClane (Bruce Willis) goes to Moscow to rescue his son who is in prison, only to find out that his son is a spy and is protecting a political prisoner. While the premise of the film sounds like it could potentially be solid, there were certain things in the film that didn’t fit the series and it felt out of place. My main complaints with A Good Day to Die Hard had too much CGI and it really felt like bruce Willis was handing the franchise over to his son Jack character, Jai Courtney.

The film followed around the 2 McClane’s as they argue about what to do and past history that we never get a glimpse of. The two characters have a rift between them and we get nothing as a member of the audience and only get a resolution at the end that feels predictable. As they venture through Moscow and eventually out of the city, Willis’s character seems to pass on his knowledge to his son, which is why the film feels like they are introducing a new character to lead the franchise.

Bruce Willis’s character relies so much on knowledge of the previous films. This hurts the film in two areas. The first being character development; since his character is already developed and has been in the previous 4 films, there isn’t much left at this point for them to do considering the character’s age. The second is the character’s karma. We know his luck in situations and we know how his brain works, so when he has a gut reaction to certain situations, it really foreshadows the film because he is never wrong. The premise of the movie felt better suited for another franchise, not one with a well established character.


New Direction

I have been doing some thinking lately and I have decided that I will be limiting my review posts that I have been doing in regards to anime, manga and films. Instead, my regular Thursday posts are going to be even more freestyle than the Production Updates.

They will still involve some manga, anime and films but it will just be less formal. I think they will also cover what ever I am in the mood to write about as well. I don’t really have a plan for them, which is the point.

I had a series of reviews for all of the 8 volumes of The Flowers of Evil that are currently available from Vertical. I am not going to release the rest of them, but if you haven’t gotten the hint yet 😉 you really should be reading this series. The character development is great and the artwork is simple yet so emotional. I believe volume 9 and 10 are available for pre-order in case you are interested.

I will also be signing for a new apartment next week too 🙂 My own apartment for the first time in a couple years. I have been getting more nervous about it lately, which is why the blog post went up to late today, can’t sleep haha. That means I will get all of my movies, art books and art supplies at my disposal again; can’t wait to rediscover things I forgot I had. Once everything is set up, it might be time to post some pics of the new crib.

I’m really excited to see how these new posts will go and be sure to check back Monday for a big announcement!