Production Update 21

Its production update time. This week has been a pretty eventful and busy week. I had an immediate project fall into my lap so I have been busy working on those 2 projects this week. having said that I did get some work done early this week that will get expanded upon later this coming week.

I got all of the final scene of the first episode scanned into the computer for digital inking, coloring and shading. That will be something I aim to get working on this week. I was also able to get some 3D modeling and animation done on the next shot for the trailer. I need to take a look at it and see if it is ready to be set up to render at some point in the near future as well. I am hoping that it can render in the background and not effect me inking other works.

There was the first blizzard of winter this week too, so I have been staying at a friends place with limited working space. I did get some rough drawings for episode 2 started since my computer has been tied down with renders. I got a little work in on a couple side projects but not really enough noteworthy stuff. However one of those projects should be completed towards the end of the year, so big news on that front should be coming soon.

More updates next week, as I continue to work on the inking and coloring of episode 1 as well as the trailer. On Thursday I will be writing an entry about some animated material I have watched recently and how it fits in with the Cosmic Rage project I have going on. I look forward to sharing that. Stay tuned 🙂