Production Update 125: Anime Detour, Here I Come!

What a week it has been. I finally caught up on things at the office and was able to dabble in Cosmic Rage work again. I started working on a new shot last week, getting a crowd built and compositing the 3D image sequences into the scene. I have a couple small edits to make and this shot will be wrapped up. I have a few more shots in the scene to get completed but we are back in action 🙂

I enjoyed some time off over the weekend and finally got back into the kitchen to do a bit of cooking and try out some new recipes. Made a fantastic pulled pork dish in a slow cooker that I need to try again in the future.

I even got one of the movies on my “to watch” pile crossed off the list, X-Men Days of Future Past. I know right? Took me this long to get to it.

Since Anime Detour is upcoming I spent some time getting things prepped for the convention. I updated my e-book prototype, in case people want to check it out before or after my panel.

On that same note, I have been updating a few slides to my presentation and brushing up on the content since I haven’t given the presentation over the winter. Really looking forward to seeing how the new additions are going to be received by the attendees.

Feels good to be back blogging and working on Cosmic Rage. If you are at Anime Detour feel free to hit me up.

Twitter: @chrisreanimated