Name: Zeth Myers

Age: 27

Career: Fighter (Muay Thai, Parkour Style)

Bio: Zeth grew up on the streets after being abandoned as a child. He learned the art of Muay Thai fighting from a trainer (Benny) that saw potential in his attitude and energy as a child. He defends his reputation as a talented and decorated fighter in bouts against all challengers. Zeth absolutely hates to fail, and will stop at nothing to succeed and get what he wants.

Name: Jani Laine

Age: 24

Career: Lead Police Officer (Chicago)

Bio: Jani’s mother died shortly after her birth, so she naturally took after her father. Following in his footsteps, Jani chose to live a life by the badge. She rose through the Chicago Police Department ranks quickly, working toward her life goal of restoring order to the city. Her life has only known chaos, and stories of a civilized society drivers her as the lead police officer.

Name: Fenix

Age: 29

Career: Fighter (Parkour Style)

Bio: A former street thug, Fenix joined Myza’s crew. After developing his skills, he joined Myza’s underground fighting promotion and soon became a twelve-time champion. Fenix’s lack of discipline is what makes him a fighter instead of working as Myza’s right-hand man. When he isn’t defending his championship, Fenix roams the streets of Chicago, contributing to the chaos.

Name: Duncan McConney

Age: 29

Career: Assassin

Bio: Once an aspiring police officer, Duncan became an assassin for hire, operating under a strict code of eliminating only the truly evil. Despite his code of ethics, he tops the Chicago Police Department’s most-wanted list. Duncan often feels as if the world moves too slow to evoke change; therefore, he takes drastic measures to help usher in a new way of thinking in the world.

Name: Myza Kain

Age: 35

Career: CEO

Bio: Myza was raised from a very wealthy family. At the age of 18 she inherited her family’s wealth and started her own fighting promotion. In the process she has built a successful empire in the current time. Myza’s empire has expanded from a fighting promotion to a front for a wide variety of crimes. Her financial assets give her an almost unlimited wealth of power through a variety of connections.

Name: Robee

Age: 29

Career: Fighter

Bio: Since his childhood, Robee was raised to be a fighter. As Robee progressed as a fighter he was recruited by Myza in the early stages of her empire. Over the course of the years, Robee has developed into Myza’s right hand and bodyguard.

Name: Jade

Age: 25

Career: Assassin

Bio: Jade grew up on the streets as a child, with no parental oversight or guardian to look after her. Without proper parental guidance, Jade turned to a life of crime at a young age to get by. With her growing knowledge of street life, Jade started to look for more ways to make more money instead of just scraping by. Jade started to take on low level assassin jobs on anyone she could. In the course of a couple years, Jade was able to make a name for herself and become one of the top level assassins available.

Name: Sami

Age: 28

Career: Police

Bio: Sami grew up being groomed for a role in the police force, his father and mother were both officers. Sami had a hand in training Jani Laine in the academy and currently serves as her commanding officer.

*Model sheet of the police officers mandatory uniforms.

*Model sheet of the special forces mandatory uniforms.

Name: Riley

Age: 26

Career: Special Forces 2nd Commander

Bio: Riley was a police ace agent that rose to the top over the course of a few years. His hard work ethic and positive attitude contributed to his ascent to the 2nd in Command of the Special Forces unit. Riley is trained in street fighting and also a trained weapons handler. In certain situations, Riley acts as a temporary commander of the unit.


Name: Marik

Age: 38

Career: Special Forces Commander

Bio: Marik took over as the leader of the Special Forces after Jani’s father went missing on  his final mission. Marik had several years of learning under Jani’s father since he was the 2nd in command under him. With Marik in charge of the special forces he has lead the unit  into being a more aggressive unit against crime and changed the overall mentality of the unit in a short amount of time.