Production Update 5

Today’s production update is a little behind for a couple reasons, but mostly it has to do with some freelance work that I will be involved in over the next week and half. Last week I got a little bit of coloring done to a couple shots and that is about it. I started some freelance work to get a bit of a head start on the project, was finishing up another project as well as spending some quality time putting in a few hours on my other project that I look forward to announcing here when it is completed 🙂

As far as the character unveiling on Thursday, I will try my best to get it up towards the end of the week hopefully on Thursday as scheduled. Stay tuned for more updates this week. I also may be tweeting some pictures since I won’t be working much on the Cosmic Rage universe this week. If you don’t already follow me here is my info> @chrisreanimated

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I am a motion graphics artist working in the sports industry. My goal is to enhance the game day experience for fans through my motion graphics work on LED displays through out arena's and also through promos done for the web. I believe that this medium has a lot of untapped potential and it is my duty as an artist to push the limits and to enhance the memories of the fans!

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