Production Update 14

Its late Sunday and I am currently watching the re-run of the new episode of the Walking Dead and decided I would get my production update in a little early. This last week was a pretty eventful one. My freelance work extended into the week a little later but that project is winding down and look forward to sharing it. This week was also my alma mater’s animation festival which stretched for 4 days, I was able to make 2 of them around my schedule. There will be a post on that coming later in the week.

I also got some more work in on another project as well as continuing progress on another. Around all of that business I was able to get a few drawings in this week. I didn’t touch the trailer this week, I have been mulling over a few tweaks to two of the latest scenes that I completed on it. Later this week look for a recap of the SoDak Animation Festival and also another Japan update.

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