Production Update 17 & Project

This last week I was in Vegas again for some freelance work. So I didn’t get too much done on the Cosmic Rage front. Usually when I go to Vegas to work with my client I put in longer days. This includes working and at night usually drawing out what things I need to get done the next day and also draw out storyboards for those things as well. Yesterday was my travel day so that is why I am posting my entry late.

I did experiment with some new lighting and color schemes on some of the trailer images that I think I am going to go with, so I need to re-render some of those shots. Before I left to Vegas I did get a chance to rough out some drawings, should be a good week of completing artwork.

Halloween Pop Culture Favorites 2012

This is a video I created for an awesome info graphics studio called We wanted to showcase some of the top 2012 pop culture halloween costumes, while still featuring some stats on Halloween. All of this was achieved by telling a short story. Make sure to check it out! Thursday will be another entry in the Japan travels series.

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