Production Update 13

First off, I apologize for the late post. Mondays are a little hectic nowadays but for all the right reasons. However, Monday night I find myself lacking internet sometimes. Its been a super crazy week. The first thing I had run into this week was I recently found out I rendered over some files I needed for the trailer… So my work on the trailer was pretty limited this week. I had finished up a render from last week and files I had rendered out, I rendered over the top of the others I needed. I can honestly say that is the first time that has ever happened in all of my projects I have worked on. So I had to set up another render to redo the majority of that sequence. I will hopefully be able to get back to working on the trailer this week.

I was also able to get some drawings done this week as well and I even prepped a few others too. I starting counting down the drawings I have left in this scene and the magic number is at 24. 24 more drawings until the scene is done and the drawing for the first episode will be all done unless I need to add a drawing in here or there. I feel pretty good about my goal of being done by the end of November.

This last week I had some more freelance work full in. not including my current couple days of studio work. I also spent some quality time outdoors before the snow starts to fall. I have to get my outdoor time in while I can, its kinda depressing that it is starting to get dark so early these days too.

I also started another goal of mine this last week which I had to dedicate quite a few hours on. I look forward to sharing that project once it is done as well. I feel the need to work on all of these projects because Cosmic Rage is such a large project that I need to have a few small ones here and there so I have that sense of completing something. There are a lot of things I want to get done and I look forward to getting them all done, handwork and determination are not lacking here. Japan adventure day coming Thursday!

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