Why We Make Art

This post is going to be something that may seem a bit out of place, hopefully by the end of it my true feelings will emerge and you may gain an understanding of an artist. If you look at the about page on this site, you will see a description of the project I am working on Cosmic Rage. In that description I talk about how Cosmic Rage is going to be a story that involves religion, politics and societal issues but all wrapped up into an action story. However, you wouldn’t know that without reading that. I don’t think I have ever touched any of those topics in a blog post, to be honest I didn’t want to alienate a single fan or person that took time out of their day to read my thoughts and look at my art. It is with that fear that a discussion couldn’t happen.

The sole purpose I work on this project is to help foster an environment to have these discussions, it’s time I write and share these thoughts here too. Society and the world is a strange place filled with so many beautiful things and on the flip-side, so many ugly things. I often find myself searching for answers or trying to figure out our rationale for a variety of things.

For instance, the attack at Charlie Hebdo that left many people dead. I have never looked at an issue of Charlie Hebdo or saw any art, before the attack, they never existed in my world. Yet these people went to work everyday with the intent of making work to get conversations started about issues they felt were important. They weren’t afraid of losing fans or even threats on them as they created.

Artists create art to make sense of the world around them. Sometimes they make satirical pieces, sometimes they make shock pieces and numerous interpretations in between. However you make art, for whatever purpose we must continue to make our voices heard. We must continue to tell our stories and share our thoughts. It is with these weapons that we can fight ignorance, hatred and the other evils of this world.

Continue telling your stories, and I will continue to tell mine.

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