Production Update 118 Animatic Complete!

It was nice being able to stay at my own apartment this weekend and getting some work done. Most of the actual weekend was consumed with my online course homework. This is the final week of the course! I did have a little bit of down time this week in between my homework and a blizzard to wrap up the animatic for the new scene I am working on. Which means I have started working on the actual shots. As I type this, I am rendering out the background for the first shot. This upcoming week I do have homework and I am sure it will be pretty crazy, but my goal is by the end of January to finish up this scene (10 shots).

I also spent time this week applying for some panels at conventions and gathering a few things in preparations for a potential art grant. My goal is by the end of January to have all of my materials outlined so I can write and finalize things in February. So the remaining weeks in January will be busy mocking things up and getting things ready for the spring.

I hope to get some more production art up for you guys real soon. I appreciate all of you being so patient this last month with my online course. It is a small price to pay for great things in the future and I can’t wait to share them all with you. 🙂 I am just getting started.

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