Production Update 142: A New Scene Begins

I started on a new scene this week, it’s composed of 9 shots. I really had a solid week working on Cosmic Rage. I got all of the test backgrounds rendered out and added in. When I talk about test rendering the backgrounds, I render them out of the 3D program I use, Cinema 4D, just to get the size and the animation correct. I knock the render settings way down so things render faster and I can get the movement I need as soon as possible. Once I am happy with it, I can render things out with the settings higher.

I am ready to start building crowds this week since I am working on another fight scene. My goal is to get all of the crowds built into these scenes by the end of the week. You’ll find out if I hit my mark in the next production update.

Over the weekend, I helped out on a live mural at a local river festival. I had to leave before we finished, but you can check out some of the pictures on their Facebook page, Exposure Gallery.

On Sunday, I helped SALM, the local anime club with their mini one day con Dargon Con. I gave my panel on the history of CGI in anime and met up with some of my out of town friends. I even had the chance to meet some new voice actors and tell them about the project and the open auditions.

Also received word that my panels for Anime Fargo have been accepted. I will get more information posted up in the near future about them.

Even had time to get some freelance work in too.

Looking forward to another productive and awesome week!

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