Production Update 18

This last week I was able to get 3 drawings done, which brings the number of drawings left down to 6. With about two weeks left in November I am confident this goal is still attainable. In fact for next weeks production update, I am aiming to have the remaining 6 drawings done. That’s right, by next week I would like to be done with all of the scheduled drawing for the first episode of Cosmic Rage. Only 6 drawings left.

Before you start think I have been slacking over the last couple weeks 😉 let me fill you in a little on the latest. This week I will be traveling down south to visit my sister, seems like I get around a lot these days again. Anyways, I have been trying to wrap up a lot of my freelance work this week before the holidays, because who wants to work over the holidays? On that note, I can say that I am all caught up with my freelance work unless something pops up in the next couple days. Monday nights have usually been good for drawing, I hope to get a few busted out tonight.

On another note, if you recall a couple months ago I was talking about 2 other projects. Well one of those projects had to be put on hold for a little while, and I can now say that after a couple weeks we are starting up on it again and in a very aggressive manner. We have a hard deadline so right now we are working hard to get it polished and ready to go for the holiday season 🙂 There will be more on this project as the deadline comes near.

Finally, with the holiday this week there won’t be an update on my final day in Japan. The update will get postponed one week. Also with traveling for the holiday the production update might not be up until late Monday or early Tuesday. Have a happy holiday and travel safe 🙂 Check back next week for more updates!

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