Production Update 20

Its that time of the week again for an update regarding the progress we have made over the last week on our Cosmic Rage project. The week has been spent cranking out some of the final artwork for a side project that we are aiming to have out by the end of the year or early 2013. More to come on this project later this month. I have also been finishing up some loose ends on some freelance work.

In terms of Cosmic Rage, I was able to re-render two of the previous shots for the trailer. I have worked on another shot that I am aiming to have rendered out this week and start on the next. The trailer will require some drawing, but I am working on getting most of the animation done at this time. There isn’t a lot of drawing for the trailer, I would estimate in the area of around 5-10. I have also ordered some stock footage from Video Copilot if you are an animator/ artist as well. (He currently has a 25% off sale). Those will be arriving and will be used in the trailer. The effects are used for compositing. I will be sure to keep everyone up to speed on that process as it starts.

I have also began preparations for the second episode. I figured that there are 95 drawings that make up the second episode, so about the same amount as episode one. Depending on my freelance work this week, I would like to start roughing out some drawings for episode two. However, my priority list is 1) the trailer, 2) inking and coloring the final scene of episode one and 3) roughing out episode two. Stay Tuned for more updates. As for Thursdays entry, I decided that I am going to do a final recap of my trip to Japan.


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