Production Update 23

Happy holidays everyone 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your holiday. I have some traveling to do for the holiday and also finished up a freelance project last week as well. This week in terms of the trailer, I am currently rendering out the last batch of frames for the final shot in the current batch I am working on. I need to revisit a previous shot to modify the coloring. I don’t anticipate a long render on that shot. I do have some 3D work for another project coming up as well.

As for inking and painting the final scene of episode one, I am now on page 4 of 7. I am hoping to start getting some painting done this week as well. Not sure how much inking will get done with the traveling, but I built up enough inked works to have things to paint.

Finally, I have a few other projects that should be wrapping up in early 2013. After hitting a couple snags on 2 of them, one of them should be completed in January or early Feb. I would like to get the other completed then too, however I am not 100% sure on how some of it will go. Once these are out I will be sure to showcase them here as well. With the holiday and traveling I won’t be posting on Thursday but next week will bring another Production Update. Have a safe holiday break.

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