Announcement: New Site Launch

Sorry for the late post today, it’s been a busy day. The big news I wanted to share with everyone today was the launching of my new site Reanimated Fallout a site where I can give back to the animation and motion graphics community by helping designers with software and WHY we make the decisions we do.

I have always been interested in teaching, I have taken teaching courses in high school and college and wanted to combine two of my passions. I am also doing a lot of experimenting with programs and techniques for Cosmic Rage, and I want to be able to share those and discuss them with other designers and animators. We all can learn things from one another.

It also allowed me to start putting my website coding and design skills to work as I look to expand my abilities into those areas. A mobile site will be in the works after I get a better understanding of javascript and jquery. The javascript and jquery will come in handy as I am looking to build out the cosmicrage website as well to make it more interactive and also for the episodes as well.

I have some great ideas for the cosmic rage site and I am very excited to start developing it sometime in 2013 and making it a unique user experience. Stay Tuned!


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I am a motion graphics artist working in the sports industry. My goal is to enhance the game day experience for fans through my motion graphics work on LED displays through out arena's and also through promos done for the web. I believe that this medium has a lot of untapped potential and it is my duty as an artist to push the limits and to enhance the memories of the fans!

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