Production Update 33

Good news, I was able to get some more work in on the Prologue this week. I am currently working on a longer shot, about 11 seconds. After this shot there will be only one more left until the Prologue is completed. After these two shots, I will hopefully be able to get some underlying music for the prologue and then I can also add sound FX.

In most cases I like to work with the audio from the start, but the music for this piece is different than others. In this case, the music is an undertone, for other projects I mainly use the music as a driving point to edit footage and other shots.

I have a few drawings that need to be done for the prologue. There have been a few alterations made to the prologue with the new voice over. Mainly because the voice actor recorded at a slower rate than my own placeholder voice over. Which actually is a better pace considering the context.

I am actually doing quite a bit of traveling for work this month. Since I will be working in studios, I will be able to have my laptop set up to get the shots rendered. I will also be able to get the drawings completed as well.

My goal for the completion of the prologue from an animation standpoint will be in April. After that, the music and sound FX work will begin. Also, I will be able to get working back on the actual episode which I have left off of a while ago.

On a side note, I have an announcement of another project this week, one that will be going live. I am very excited to be launching this project and sharing it with everyone. Look for an update in the next day or two, right before a review on Thursday.

Finally, it’s been a while since I have uploaded some images up to the production gallery. This has mainly been because I have been focused on finishing up the artwork for episode 1 before I start animating. However, I am going to try to break that rut and get more artwork posted up as I go. So this week, I have added two new shots from the prologue into the Production Gallery. Go check them out 🙂



Overall: 55:00  of 1:20:00
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: 0/5
Inking/coloring/shading: DONE
Animating/Compositing: In Work
Audio: In Work/ VO is done

Episode 1:
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: DONE
Inking/coloring/shading: DONE
Animating/Compositing: In Work
Audio: NONE

Episode 2:
Storyboards: DONE
Drawing: 3/20pages
Inking/coloring/shading: 0/20
Animating/Compositing: NONE
Audio: NONE

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