Production Update 43

Things started to get back to normal this last week. I finished up one of my freelance projects and made the drive back home as well. After busy period I decided to unplug quite a bit this last week and get away from the computer as much as possible and only working on the remaining projects I have.

The weather here has started to turn to spring time so I have been embarking on a few city-wide treks and catching up on some podcasts and just enjoying nature. This past winter seemed to last forever and there were several days that were nice out and I was stuck indoors working on projects. Must be the spring fever that teachers fear every spring time when students seem to be disengaged in their studies. I certainly recall teacher telling us to not give in and finish the year strong.

Nice weather aside, I didn’t crack into Cosmic Rage this week at all. It has been a nice week of relaxing and enjoying time away from the computer, but I can start to feel to desire to make stuff rising again. This week there will for sure be work on Cosmic Rage and I am excited to tackle the last bits of the prologue and get past the previous shot I was working on. Nobody can immerse themselves into anything forever and every so often it is nice to take a break and enjoy other hobbies such as hiking, reading and cooking.

Since I haven’t had much progress the last couple of weeks, next week I will share new production art to prove I am back at it 🙂

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