Production Update 49

Super busy week, so lets dive in and get up to speed on where things are at. First off, here is a link to a video I recently finished up. I talk about the freelance work I do but here is a chance to get to see some of it when I am not working on Cosmic Rage. That piece went live last week and it was one that I enjoyed working on very much since it had fun artwork.


So last week we left off with a large render for a scene in episode 1. Well, that render is finished and that shot is ready to be composited. If you follow Cosmic Rage on facebook, you saw that I was posting screenshots of the render progress throughout the week. I had a fun with some people asking me if it was done yet and how it was going.

While the render was finishing up, I also started drawing a layout of the next scene and the space that needs to be modeled and created. The next space that needs to be modeled is going to be the setting for many shots so we can use the same space for multiple backgrounds.

Onto the next item which is the prologue. I have the artwork all inked and colored for the prologue. I actually also had to jump back onto the character model sheets because I needed to create a color scheme for one of the characters.

I still have to do the new water tests for a couple of the shots which means I might experiment with a new technique on some of the shots. While those tests are rendering, I can create the 3D environment for the next scene in episode 1. The test will be static images to see if I like the newer versions better. Perhaps I will post some images side by side on the site and see what everyone else thinks when I get that far.

I wanted to get some of that stuff done this week but at the end of the week we had a pretty bad storm wreak havoc in the city and we had some clean up work to do. A giant storm system caused a lot of wind damage and we have been cleaning up our yard and helping out some neighbors and family.

IMG_2522^This was our neighbors trampoline wrapped around an electrical post. You can see some of the leaves and such in the streets from the wind. There were a lot of downed trees in the city and our clean up efforts are starting.

As for this week, I want to get to the render tests and get the audio of the prologue done as well. I do have some freelance work to complete this week as well so as always that is the main goal.

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