Production Update 64

Not much to report on this weeks Production Update, unfortunately. I spent the week working on some freelance projects so I can get some funds to put towards Cosmic Rage. On a sidenote though, I finished up one of them today so this week I will be able to get back to work on Cosmic Rage in some capacity. I apologize for the lack of updates the last couple weeks, but with the funds from freelancing, I will be able to purchase items that will make the production faster in terms of 3D models, and I am now thinking of adding in some VO for the first episode. Which is really the reason for the freelance work. I’m still on the fence with it and it will probably be something that gets figured out as episode 1 gets closer to being done. Thank you so much for your patience!

I will also be writing about this year’s SGMS conference as well! Stay tuned!

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