Production Update 68

Well, I think it’s official to say that winter has finally arrived in South Dakota. We have had snow on a couple occasions now, and it melts and then comes back. Pretty surprised to wake up to snow this morning, time to come to terms with reality I guess. Anyways, let’s dive into the production update.

The week started off pretty well, I was able to get into the environment project file and texture another section of the scene. Then on Tuesday the freelance project I am working on had a quick turnaround extension added to it, so the rest of the week was spent working on those items. The turnaround items were for today so they are all done and now I can get back to wrapping up some of the other items on the project and getting back to Cosmic Rage.

On Sunday I unplugged for most of the day to give my eyes some rest from the screen so I can get recharged for the week. I have a couple nights of setting up some renders but outside of that I should be able to get to Cosmic Rage this week. I have told myself after this project I am focusing on Cosmic Rage for an extended period of time, so again, I appreciate you all checking back in and I am looking to get back on track for Thursday posts again as well! Stay tuned and thanks again everyone!

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