Production Update 67

Not much to report on the Cosmic Rage front this week. I am sure most of you expected that since I skipped the usual Thursday post last week. I have things lined up for Thursday posts, but I put in good workload on the freelance project this past week and we had a beautiful day on Saturday so I needed to unplug the majority of the day and go hiking.

IMG_2840(One of the trails in Oakwood park near Brookings, SD)

I have made some great progress over the week on the freelance project and should be able to get into Cosmic Rage a bit this week. The other freelance project has been sent in and is complete.

I can not express how thankful I am that you all continue to read up on the blog as production and updates have been a little slow over the last month. I assure you that will turn around over the next couple weeks and I will be back into the swing of it. Thanks again everyone and stay tuned for more!

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