Production Update 69

Production is starting to get a little more on track this week. I did have some early travel for the holidays, but I made some great progress on the freelance front this past week in terms of getting things set up to render this week before piecing some things together. I did have a chance to work on some Cosmic Rage this past week.

I did have to dive into the project file and get a little familiarized with it again. However, I can report there are only 2 sections left that need texturing. Although I might revisit the texturing of the walls, in the scene. My goal is to get everything textured this week and have new production art up net week. You guys deserve it for being such great fans and checking out the progress, even though it has been a little light.

Once the freelance project is wrapped up I can start working on some test renders for the scene and moving on to more environments. Looking forward to getting back on the project this week and can’t wait to have new work up for you! Thanks again everyone!

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