Production Update 112 Test Renders

With all of the late hours and work from Start-Up Weekend here in Sioux Falls, I skipped the production update last night, getting to it tonight. Last week I sent off a scene to get audio done. I also found out I have one of the shots complete for the upcoming scene I am working on. Over the past week I have been doing some test renders on another shot. I have been having some texturing issues that I have been working through, still plugging away on getting the right setting and tags set up. I am hoping to get them resolved tonight  so I can get things rendering and work on more shots this weekend, in which I need the 3D backgrounds rendered out. My goal of getting this scene done over the weekend is in jeopardy.

On deck for this week is getting the 3D environment fixed for this scene. I also am going to be taking my test e-book to a local art critique tomorrow night and getting some more feedback from fellow artists.


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