Production Update 131: Halfway There

I really love writing these updates, I think that has to do with the fact the I love reading and seeing behind-the-scenes work on animation. I recently picked up a few anime series almost specifically for the behind-the-scenes content, like Blood the Last Vampire and Samurai 7.

This past week we started a new event at our local anime club. Several of us went out on Thursday night to hang out and all work on personal projects. It was a good time and turned out to be a productive night. I think it is something that we are going to keep trying to do on a somewhat regular basis.

The scene I am working on consists of 6 shots, I currently have 2 done and have been working on getting the other four framed up and rendered out. I have 2 scenes ready to be composited. One of them I left my computer render over the weekend as I did some work around the garden and the apartment. The other two shots I have the backgrounds framed up, just need to do a final render on them. Depending on render times, I should be able to get things wrapped up for next week.

I had one issue this week. I rendered out a scene and didn’t have the anti-aliasing set high enough so the render was a little poor in quality, which is why I re-rendered it over the weekend.

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