Production Update 143: Cruising Along

Production Update time, let’s roll! Had another great week of getting things done. I worked a bit on some freelance projects and also helping out SALM, the local anime club, with their website. It’s looking good and really can’t wait until we have it done.

I also have some exciting news! I ordered (and received) a new laptop. So what right? Well, my old laptop was 6 years old and maxed out on upgrades. The new one is already maxed out upon ordering. I wasn’t really planning on a new laptop this year, but with the refresh to the Macbook Pro’s and going back to school, it seemed like a good time to do so.

For Cosmic Rage, I was able to get all of the final background renders done and also built all of the crowds. So everything is prepped to animate. I actually got three shots done this week so far. Even though I start school today, I am really going to push to get this scene wrapped up by the next production update and even share some production art again.

I feel like over the last couple months I have hit a good routine with setting up shots and working on them in a threes step process.

Over the last month or so I have also been reading Unnatural Talent by Jason Brubaker. Even though it pertains mostly to digital comics, there have been several nuggets that I feel I can bring from his experiences to Cosmic Rage. Looking forward to trying out some of the things in the book and also some new things in general that I have been mulling over.

Thanks for checking out the blog again, another anime review is up for later this week, Ping Pong!

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