Production Update 162: 3D Renders!

Hey everyone! I really appreciate your patience over the last few weeks. There has been a lot of things going on, so let me get you all up to speed!

At work I have been putting in a little bit of extra time in on a few projects. It comes with the territory. Things have settled down recently which has freed me up a little bit.

I’ve also been back in school this semester working towards finishing my graphic design degree. I’m taking two courses this semester versus just one. My branding class is going great so far. The course that has been throwing me a slight curveball is my Art History advanced writing class. I have a big paper that is due by the end of February so I have been putting in white a bit of time on that. I am getting close to getting to the next check point on this paper so this course will have a lighter workload.

One thing I have also started but haven’t mentioned here yet, is I am also doing some assistant teaching/critiquing for an online animation course. My class has been fantastic so far and I have enjoyed every minute of providing feedback to other animators looking to up their game. The course is starting to level out so I am getting some of my free time back.

Slowly but surely I am getting some of my time back to keep plugging away on Cosmic Rage. While it sounds like I haven’t gotten things done, I assure you that isn’t the case. I have been doing some light 3D work and getting some renders set up so that the files can render while I am doing all of these other things. As things start to settle down, I will have my 3D renders ready to go for when I get back into After Effects.

Things have been forming nicely on the voice over cast. I will be updating you more on the VO cast really soon! Thanks again everyone for you patience, I am excited to get back in action!

Production Update 156: Grant Period Week 2

Week 2 of the project grant has been a productive one! Making revisions to existing artwork, adding in new scenes and more! Check out this weeks production update below!

Production Update 149: Off Week

I know, I know. Late production update this week and I apologize. Been busy with school work and freelance projects this past week. Over the weekend I had some family from out of state visit. Most likely the last weekend I take fully off until episode 1 is released. The weekend was followed by more homework.

Things are starting to settle down. I have been doing some inking this week so not anything too major. Aiming at getting all of the inking, coloring and shading done by the end of the weekend so I can hop back onto animation.

Thanks for your patience this week 🙂 It means a lot to me!

Production Update 146: Preparations for AnimeFargo

Apologies for the late production update, came down with a bad cold and crashed last night after returning home. Been away from my place for 4 days so it was nice to get back and get a full night sleep. So what’s going on with Cosmic Rage this week?

I received some audio tracks for a couple scenes that have been going through some revisions, those 2 scenes are wrapped up. On top of that, two more scenes have been passed along for audio production. Here is a shot from one of the scenes that was passed on.

23_Down_for_the_countI have also been making final preparations for AnimeFargo. I received a last minute notice that I have been added to the Artist Alley and have been prepping prints to sell and also finalizing some new things to sell, including a unique print that is only available via raffle.

One of my favorite things to do at conventions now is to bring another screen along so attendees can watch me animate and work. I will be working on a couple of short scenes that I anticipate getting wrapped up over the weekend at the con.

Looking forward to being back in Fargo!

Production Update 145: Labor Day Quickie

Keeping this week’s update short and simple since I took Labor Day off from working on stuff and everyone will probably be playing catch up this week.

My goal this week was to get all of the backgrounds rendered out, get crowds built and also get things roughly timed out. I was able to do that on the shots I am currently working on. The first scene is 3 shots and the second scene I am working on is only 1 shot.

My goal for the next production update will be to have both of these scenes finished up and sent in for audio work.

Quick side note, there won’t be a post up later this week on Thursday since I will be traveling for work for the last half of the week and into the weekend. So the next, time I will be posting will be next weeks production update along with some production art!

Have a great week everyone!

Production Update 143: Cruising Along

Production Update time, let’s roll! Had another great week of getting things done. I worked a bit on some freelance projects and also helping out SALM, the local anime club, with their website. It’s looking good and really can’t wait until we have it done.

I also have some exciting news! I ordered (and received) a new laptop. So what right? Well, my old laptop was 6 years old and maxed out on upgrades. The new one is already maxed out upon ordering. I wasn’t really planning on a new laptop this year, but with the refresh to the Macbook Pro’s and going back to school, it seemed like a good time to do so.

For Cosmic Rage, I was able to get all of the final background renders done and also built all of the crowds. So everything is prepped to animate. I actually got three shots done this week so far. Even though I start school today, I am really going to push to get this scene wrapped up by the next production update and even share some production art again.

I feel like over the last couple months I have hit a good routine with setting up shots and working on them in a threes step process.

Over the last month or so I have also been reading Unnatural Talent by Jason Brubaker. Even though it pertains mostly to digital comics, there have been several nuggets that I feel I can bring from his experiences to Cosmic Rage. Looking forward to trying out some of the things in the book and also some new things in general that I have been mulling over.

Thanks for checking out the blog again, another anime review is up for later this week, Ping Pong!

Production Update 135: Full Steam Ahead

Everything is returning to normal. No more vacations or long road trips to distant cons to inform attendees about the history of CGI in anime. Instead, I attended a “mini-con” in my old hometown of Watertown. I gave my presentation on CGI in anime and held down an artist table as well. I tried something new, which I actually learned from a friend at AnimeFargo last year, using a second monitor so other attendees could watch me work and see how Cosmic Rage is made and see what programs I use.

It was amazing to see such a great turnout for Akuacon, especially when I would have never thought that would have happened when I was a student there. It’s pretty awesome to see the progression of the anime community in a decade. I look forward to being a part of more to come.

On the production side of things, it has been a full steam ahead kind of week. I was able to get some good nights of work in and was really productive over the con as well.

In case you forgot, the current scene I am working on is composed of 9 shots (debating about cutting one). I was able to get all of the backgrounds done. This means they aren’t roughed out, I have final renders done and in After Effects for me to work with. There will be no time wasted in waiting for image sequences to finish rendering.

I was also able to start adding in the crowds to these backgrounds as well. I would estimate I am about half done with building the crowds, something I aim to finish up for next weeks update. Along with that, I did discover I missed a piece of artwork, so I need to ink that piece and also get the coloring and shading completed as well.

I do need to spend a bit of time over the holiday in the garden, since we are trying to get the weeds a little more under control since I spent so much of June traveling. July should be a less hectic and also with less miles. I also need to get another piece of production art up soon as well! Stay tuned!

Production Update 129: Scene Complete!

I was finally able to get that pesky scene done. It felt like I have been working on tat scene for a long time. Lots of things sprung up during production on that specific scene. The scene has been sent off to get audio work done. Here is actually a screenshot of the final shot from that scene.


I also spent some time this week with some revisions to the freelance project I was working on. Have one last minor edit to wrap up and then it should be good to go.

I also traveled and visited some family over the weekend. It was good to see them and things have been somewhat stabilizing with my grandpa and his condition.

One pleasant surprise this week, was the notification we got that we would be able to get into our garden almost month earlier than last year! So we spent part of Sunday putting up the fence and getting some early crops planted.

Given all of that, I am starting to prepare things for the next scene. Just to give you an idea of the next scene, it is composed of 5 shots. I am aiming to get a good chunk of it wrapped up for the next production update. I am anticipating that 3 of the shots will need 3D background renderings that will be more than one frame so part of the progress will be focused on how fast things render.

I also have a few minor edits and tweaks to make in anticipation for Akon 26 in Dallas, TX.