Production Update 22

Another Monday, another production update to the Cosmic Rage project. First off, with the trailer, I have fleshed out a rough draft of a section and I am working on rendering. Some of the scenes require extra render time because of anti-aliasing. If I increase the anti-aliasing, I will get smoother areas in shadows and reflections. If anti-aliasing isn’t adjusted then in areas (in this case shadows and reflections) they will appear noisy. It appears as if there are pixels fighting for the same area, thats what gives it the appearance of noise. It’s highly distracting so the extra render time is worth it in this case. In this section of the trailer I have 3 shots, one is done rendering, one more should finish today and I have one more to complete that section. The shots do still need to be composited but I will have the 3D renders done and I can start towards more shots in the trailer.

I also started the process of inking the final scene for episode 1. I track every shot, every scene with a numbered system broken down by scene, page of the storyboard and shot. Since this is a scene I will keep you posted about updates using the page number. The scene I am working on consists of 7 pages of storyboards. Currently, I am in the process of the shots on page 3. So I am about a third to a half done with inking the final scene of episode 1. I am aiming to have it done by the end of the year, but I am not sure if that is possible with the holidays and some traveling, but I should get close 🙂

On Thursday I will be writing about another recent viewing, this one will be on Inu Yasha the Final Act.

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