Production Update 46

A-kon was a blast this past weekend. I was fortunate enough to see so many cool costumes, meet awesome people and learn from other artists. It was a fun 3 day event and I am already hoping I can make it back next year.

When we left off last week I was finishing up client work and suffering from what seems like semi-annual migraines. I’m not sure if the migraines are brought on by constantly being on a computer combined with contact lenses or what, but I rocked my glasses for a good week and my head feels a lot better. Anyways, I got some 3D work done on the shot I was previously working on. I have a little left before I can get it animated and rendered.

The coolest thing from A-kon was that I actually was able to meet up with the artist creating the audio tracks and sound effects for the prologue. Neither of us knew we were going to be there, but we found out through facebook we were both there and met up for a few hours and talked about our projects. It was a great time and I look forward to seeing what the two of us can create. I will be sharing more from A-kon this Thursday!

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