Production Update 47

Production Update time is here again! I made it back home, which means I now have access to my scanner, tablet and everything I need to get back to work on the prologue.
I am also getting over a cold as well, I think I am going to credit that to A-kon and the freezing convention, which I do need to update you all on this week. I skipped since I was sick and sleeping.

This past week I also was shown a really awesome ocean generating plug in for C4D, which means I may dive back into some of the shots of the prologue and update some of the water scenes to get a better look. I also received new audio tracks from the composer. So I can get a chance to plug them in and we should be set. The re-rendering of some of the water won’t effect the timing of the scenes so we are good to go there.

I was also able to get animating on the current shot I am working on for episode 1. I am rendering out a low resolution test animation as I type this. The reason for that is to make sure the timing, size and such are all going to fit into the scene so I can set up a larger render that is high resolution. I have been doing some test compositing and I am excited to see how the final shot turns out.

On schedule for this week is some more freelance work, I will be starting a new project this week. But I also want to wrap up the current shot for episode 1, and get all of the artwork for the prologue scanned in, inked and colored. Maybe I will be able to get to a water scene as well. I will also have my recap from my first A-kon up this week too!

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