Production Update 76

Our first production update of 2014 and it has been a solid week. First off, all of the characters I had to finish up coloring and shading are completed. These characters took a little longer because I wanted to layer them based on colored sections. This way I could generate more characters by adjusting clothing and skin colors to get more combinations of characters. With these different color schemes, I could create a crowd of fans ready for the match.

That’s not the only thing I was able to get done. I was able to place all of the fans into the desired shot and get their alternate colored versions dropped in as well. In the same shot, I created animations for the video board above the ring entrance and was able to finsih off the shot. So that is one more shot down for episode one.

The establishing shot provides the viewer with an overall idea of the space that the scene is taking place in. I wanted to give the viewer a detailed point-of-view at the environment since it is the main space for the first episode. There were also some detailed areas I had to get right for the shot since it is an overview of the whole space. Check out the production art below.

4-2 Arena establishing shot depth

I also signed up for some online courses on my goal of getting better at web development. I completed a couple so far but it will most likely be sometime this summer when I get it completed. Just depends how all my projects go. On deck for this week is getting some more animation work done on episode one. I do have some renders done for the next couple shots. Be sure to check back next week on an update.

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