New Location

I missed last weeks post due to the fact I was moving into my new apartment. While I didn’t get everything moved in, I got the majority of my stuff unloaded. I have a couple boxes of books, movies and some other art supplies left, which will most likely be part of this weekends agenda.

It feels a little weird having my own place again, although it has been a nice change of pace. I spent some time this week going through things and finding out some of my art supplies have dried up since being in storage. It has also made me rethink the way I live a little. I packed my things in Minnesota a couple years ago and it was like going into a time capsule as I was unpacking things.

I found numerous things I didn’t need any more but for some reason felt I would need back then. Over the last couple years my lifestyle has changed so much that it was kinda strange looking through some things. When I moved I never intended for my stuff to be in boxes for almost 2 years. I got by on limited supplies and items. A couple years later, it makes me wonder why I kept them to begin with.

I have had a growing interest in the “live simply” approach to life, by owning less things it frees for time and money up for doing more things. I would love to travel back to Japan in the next year or two and see more of the country and culture.

One thing I have done this week so far was taking a break from side projects and I started playing some video games. I would never classify myself as a hardcore gamer, but it has been nice to sit back and play some video games again. I think I am using it as an excuse to not work or code since my internet hasn’t been connected yet.

Which on that note, my coding courses have been going well. I wanted to start learning more code in 2014 and I am on my way. I attended a developer meet up last week and was thrust into dabbling in some node JS. I don’t even know javascript yet, but it was good to see how some of the little test exercises worked and it made me really excited to start javascript when I wrap up my html and css lessons. I am hoping to do that this weekend when I visit my parents and have internet. Going to look into getting back online today over lunch.

Another one of my goals has been to start back up recording tutorials and tips on my other site. For some reason I am having an issue with my recording software continually turning on my laptop camera whenever it wants to in the middle of recording. I can’t say I have had that problem before but I am hoping to get recording again soon. I have some good content I want to share and post up for the community.

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