Jaco Strikes Again!

Do I need to mention again that I am a huge Dragonball Z fan? I mean, so much so that I can credit the show to starting my career in animation. Well, I felt the need to remind you for today’s post.

In case you missed it, there was a new Dragonball Z trailer released this week for the upcoming Return of Frieza film. Check out the trailer below.

Did you notice anyone new in the trailer that I talked about on the blog not too long ago? It’s Jaco!

I was pretty surprised when I checked out the trailer and saw clips of him, but it makes sense. I finished the Jaco manga a little while back, I was a little harsh in my review, solely for the fact I didn’t know Jaco was going to play a role in the movie. It was revealed that Jaco existed in the Dragonball Universe, but without knowing that it felt as an imitation to a certain extent.

I am pretty excited to see his role in the DBZ universe with the Z fighters. There will be more Dragonball Z posts up in the future as the countdown to Return of Frieza is on!