Production Update 148: Freelance Week

I spent most of this week working on some freelance work. Closing up a couple side projects so I can start saving up funds for the 2016 con season. I am hoping to have a couple of the small ones wrapped up by the end of the week.

I did some rough animating one night this week, getting a couple shots framed up and characters rigged for animating. I also spent some time plotting out a con schedule for 2016 to show episode 1 at conventions.

I did receive audio tracks as well for some of the scenes that have been completed, so this week I will get those dropped in and make notes of possible revisions as well.

Keep in mind I still have auditions opened so there is still time to get them in! Have a great week everyone!

Con Review: AnimeFargo 2015

I recently returned from AnimeFargo, an anime convention in Fargo, North Dakota. It was my second year there and their second running the convention. This year, I presented two panels along with setting up a table in Artist Alley, a similar set up to last year.

First off, AnimeFargo is a fun con to attend. The staff is very helpful, friendly and also very open to feedback. They tried some new things this year, including a new layout for the artist alley and vendor room which allowed them to have a few more tables. Some of my friends decided to go to the con too since I had a good time last year. The attendees are always super polite and fun to talk to. Pretty standard stuff in the midwest, but still nice to be immersed in such a fun group of people brought together by our fandoms.

The venue the con is easily accessible, being right off the interstate. There are also plenty of food options within walking distance and also a good restaurant/bar right in the hotel. The hotel has a good layout that allows for the vendors and artists to be in the same room, the cosplay competition has a large room with a stage and the party rooms are in the middle of the convention.

My panels went well, I had about 20 people show up for my History of CGI which is solid for a con that size. The Artist Open Forum is always a blast, talking with other artists and discussing the problems we might be going through on our individual projects. I have been fortunate enough in my career to have some really great teachers, so I try to give back to others as much as I can.

Spike Spencer was one of the guests at AnimeFargo, so I was able to get some of my Evangelion goodies signed, with his own artistic flare too 😉 I was able to attend one of his panels on Friday night and hear some of his crazy adventures. Those panels are always fun to attend. I even got some of my Evangelion gear signed!

The Artist Alley closed in time to check out the cosplay competition, so I got to watch my friends compete. They were part of a RWBY team that won the judges award in the mid tier class. I was super excited for them because I know how much work they have put into their skit and costumes.

The other artists in Artist Alley were all very talented. I wish I would have took time on Friday night to look at everyones artwork and talk to them instead of waiting until Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing them more at future AnimeFargos and also at other midwest cons.

Overall, AnimeFargo was a fantastic con. Everyone is so inviting, from the staff, to the party rooms, to the other attendees. I look forward to being back next year for the Kawaii Invasion.

Production Update 147: Shots, Shots, Shots

Back home from AnimeFargo, and it was a blast. I can already say that I am excited for next year! I will have more on AnimeFargo later this week in a recap.

Let’s dive into production update! I was able to wrap up the two short scenes that I mentioned in the last production update. These shots will need to get sent off for audio production this week. Here is a still frame from the recent shots that have been finished.


After completing these scenes, I was able to start working on framing up the next scene. The next scene is composed of 11 shots, so this one will take a little bit more time to wrap up. I have the backgrounds framed for these shots, so the next step is roughing out the timing of the shots and also rendering out the high resolution or beauty versions.

Unfortunately, I discovered I missed a couple scenes in terms of inking and coloring. So over the next week or so that will be my area of focus. To give you all some context, it looks like there are about 5 scenes left including the one I will begin production on.

I am going to get onto inking. Stay tuned for an AnimeFargo recap this week! Thanks for visiting!

Production Update 146: Preparations for AnimeFargo

Apologies for the late production update, came down with a bad cold and crashed last night after returning home. Been away from my place for 4 days so it was nice to get back and get a full night sleep. So what’s going on with Cosmic Rage this week?

I received some audio tracks for a couple scenes that have been going through some revisions, those 2 scenes are wrapped up. On top of that, two more scenes have been passed along for audio production. Here is a shot from one of the scenes that was passed on.

23_Down_for_the_countI have also been making final preparations for AnimeFargo. I received a last minute notice that I have been added to the Artist Alley and have been prepping prints to sell and also finalizing some new things to sell, including a unique print that is only available via raffle.

One of my favorite things to do at conventions now is to bring another screen along so attendees can watch me animate and work. I will be working on a couple of short scenes that I anticipate getting wrapped up over the weekend at the con.

Looking forward to being back in Fargo!

Production Update 145: Labor Day Quickie

Keeping this week’s update short and simple since I took Labor Day off from working on stuff and everyone will probably be playing catch up this week.

My goal this week was to get all of the backgrounds rendered out, get crowds built and also get things roughly timed out. I was able to do that on the shots I am currently working on. The first scene is 3 shots and the second scene I am working on is only 1 shot.

My goal for the next production update will be to have both of these scenes finished up and sent in for audio work.

Quick side note, there won’t be a post up later this week on Thursday since I will be traveling for work for the last half of the week and into the weekend. So the next, time I will be posting will be next weeks production update along with some production art!

Have a great week everyone!

Con Announcement: Torii Con 2016

That’s right, already planning cons for next year! This is another local (East River) South Dakota one-day con. I’ll be setting up doing some live animating and selling various prints, post cards and more.

Still up in the air on panels, I haven’t decided which ones to submit or what new ones I have up my sleeve. Hope to see you there!