Quick Note

Hey everyone, I apologize for the lack of updates the last couple weeks. I have been very busy at work, getting ready for the holidays and also being down my laptop for a couple days, nothing to worry about, a friend needed to borrow it. Been getting a lot done and will have an update sometime after Thanksgiving travel. I will be sure to get some new production art up as well for everyone to check out. Have a great holiday and I’ll be back in a week!

Recap of Start Up Weekend

If you recall, I didn’t get much work done this past weekend because I was participating in my first Start-Up Weekend Sioux Falls. Here’s how it works.

On Friday evening all of the attendees have the opportunity to pitch ideas in one minute of something they would like to build over the weekend. After all of the pitches are made, everyone in attendance gets the chance to vote on ideas they would like to work on. At this point some of the ideas are cut. After that, everyone has the opportunity to actually join a team and some of the ideas that passed the initial cut have to condense down to fill out teams. Before we ended the night on Friday, we set a direction of our project and what we aim to get done each day.

Saturday we put in a long day and started work on our project. I worked on design and animating and other members of the team worked on development and on the business side of things. At moments in the day, all of the teams met back together and would briefly go over the progress they made, problems and what we planned on getting accomplished after the break. At the end of Saturday we were sitting pretty well off with assets and direction.

Sunday I got an early start and worked on some more visuals. We practiced rehearsing our presentation and we put together final assets that we would need for our pitch. The afternoon was spent polishing the presentation and being there in case the presenters needed anything.

In the early evening, each team gave their presentations and the judges voted who the winner was. While the team I was on didn’t win, it was a very exciting experience. I felt we created a strong product in the time we had and hope we can maybe explore it a bit more.  Maybe at a later day I can share more about the project.

It was a great experience to challenge myself and to meet new people as well. Of course the challenge of creative thinking and building something in that short of a period of time is something that I will always enjoy. I would encourage all of you to try one at least once!

Production Update 112 Test Renders

With all of the late hours and work from Start-Up Weekend here in Sioux Falls, I skipped the production update last night, getting to it tonight. Last week I sent off a scene to get audio done. I also found out I have one of the shots complete for the upcoming scene I am working on. Over the past week I have been doing some test renders on another shot. I have been having some texturing issues that I have been working through, still plugging away on getting the right setting and tags set up. I am hoping to get them resolved tonight  so I can get things rendering and work on more shots this weekend, in which I need the 3D backgrounds rendered out. My goal of getting this scene done over the weekend is in jeopardy.

On deck for this week is getting the 3D environment fixed for this scene. I also am going to be taking my test e-book to a local art critique tomorrow night and getting some more feedback from fellow artists.


Quick Note

I usually write up a post for recent things I read or watched. However, I have been pretty busy this week with work so I am bypassing the post this week, but will be back next week the production update! Hope everyone got out to vote yesterday, make your voice heard!

Production Update 111 Scene Complete!

This week the goal was to finish up the current scene I have been working on. It is comprised of twelve shots and as of tonight, has been sent off to get audio work done. That’s right, I finished up the shot like I intended to and it is sent off.

I learned a lot working on this scene in particular. It had some unexpected challenges, but I enjoyed every bit of it. All of these things I will have in mind for episode 2 and when I start preparing items for that. Just like lots of shows on TV, there will be an increase in production value as the series goes on.

This week I want to start getting some 3D animations set up for the next scene so I can render them over night and over next weekend. I do have an all-weekend event next week, I am participating in a local Start-Up weekend where people go to work on ideas and projects for a potential start up business or product.

As for the next scene, it is 4 shots, which I aim to have done sometime in November yet before the holiday so I can get started on the following.

Overall, a solid and productive week! 🙂