Project Scope

As I continue to work on the Cosmic Rage universe, I felt that it was important to inform you a little bit about the scope of the project. The Cosmic Rage universe is a vast one, with many characters with their own agenda. Currently the entire character roster contains almost 30 unique characters that will be introduced over the course of the series and each will play an important role in the progression of the story.

The first “issue” of the motion comic will provide an introduction to several characters. From a production standpoint, the first issue contains contains over 30 pages of storyboards which equals about 180 images with animation. Some of the artwork for the motion comic has been created already but I look froward to posting up some production artwork up as the process continues.

Also, character bios will be added to the character gallery as well. Make sure to check that out and get introduced to a new character, Jani.